Streamline production with instant access

Provide all corporate employees, project managers and job site workers with the most accurate and immediate project files.

  • Check the status of work orders, contracts, claims, vendor agreements and other project updates.
  • Convert photos taken with digital cameras or mobile devices into secure, accessible documents.
  • Send follow-up notifications and automatically escalate exceptions and route items for critical action.
  • Provide clients with quick access to the most up-to-date project files.

Expedite invoicing and accounts payable

Reduce turn-around time for orders and invoices that require numerous approvals.

  • Import scanned paper and PDF invoices into the same system.
  • Instantly retrieve orders by searching a customer name, invoice number, sales order number, part number or ship date.
  • Route invoices for between financial officers, project managers and shipping personnel for review and processing
  • Retrieve data from and check document accuracy against information stored in ERP systems.

Create paperless human resources procedures

Centralize disparate employee documents, forms and processes.

  • Import and work with all employee files for multiple offices and work sites within one portal.
  • Digitally collect information for all personnel forms, including job requisitions, new hire requests and expense reports.
  • Expedite hiring decisions by routing application materials for review to multiple stakeholders at once.
  • Automatically create new employee folders and send notifications for IT provisioning, benefits enrollment and other routine personnel tasks during the onboarding process.

Enforce company-wide security and compliance

Reduce liability by maintaining accurate records and tracing document issues to an exact time, user and step in the process.

  • Get round-the-clock auditing of all document movement and modifications.
  • Maintain ISO standards throughout your organization by tracking all events related to individual project files and employees.
  • Create granular security on files that differ for individual employees, department managers and site workers.
  • Archive documents with DoD 5015.2-certified records structures to ensure compliant recordkeeping.