What is Laserfiche?

Every business is unique, but everyone works with documents on a daily basis. From the smallest business with the most basic document management needs to corporation-level organizations with complex records management and workflow requirements, DSU Technology will help you find a solution that fits your needs and your wallet.


Laserfiche, the leading document management software solution, is available either as a cloud hosted service or on-premise. Laserfiche allows businesses to gain control over their documents, improve retention and increase productivity. Laserfiche also integrates with hundreds of other third-party business applications to improve efficiency.  Click here to schedule a demo with us today!

    How it's used

    Accounts Payable.

    HR Onboarding

    Contract Management

    Records Management

    Customer Testimonials

    Custom Integrations

    It is vital that your ECM, ERP, and CRM systems work and communicate with each other in perfect harmony.  

    DSU sets itself apart from other organizations with its award-winning in-house programmers that have worked with some of the largest companies in the world.  

    From small installations to large data integrations, we are here to help!

    Workflow Automation

    Time and resources are invaluable to your business. The fastest growing companies take their daily processes and automate them with an enterprise content management solution.

    At DSU, we help you identify these daily processes, build automated workflows to make your organization more efficient, and train your employees once the process is implemented, creating a seamless experience as you continue to expand your business.

         Docusign Integrates Beautifully With Laserfiche                                        Learn More

         Docusign Integrates Beautifully With Laserfiche

                                           Learn More