Integrations and Workflows


Automate Business Processes

Every organization, no matter large or small, creates business processes to facilitate their day-to-day activities.

Frequently these processes require multiple steps, multiple departments, and leverages information in multiple systems.  DSU’s best in class offerings tie these systems and steps into unified, simple workflow solutions.  Whether approving an invoice, communicating changes to business documents, or managing a record to end of life, DSU Technology offers the products and expertise to move manual process to the digital era.

Quickly Diagram and Implement

With an easy-to-use workflow designer

Use 150+ drag-and-drop activities to easily build custom workflows. Save hours of staff time with rule-based workflows for simple tasks like renaming documents and emailing document changes. Digitize entire processes like HR on-boarding and accounts payable processing without writing code. The skies the limit!

With our fully certified staff, DSU can help you develop and implement any workflow or integration!

Participate Beyond The Office

With complete mobile access

Upload and sign documents, submit web forms and capture content into Laserfiche from iOS, Android and Windows devices. Initiate review, electronically sign documents and make decisions from a central inbox. Initiate paperless expense reports , approve invoices and conduct other routine activities from mobile devices.

Service Products