Document Management


Organize More Effectively

A customer calls and asks you about a certain document and you just can’t find it through the scores of documents piled up in a folder.

It’s pretty easy for your files and documents to vanish and hide behind folders.  The ease of finding all your documents at one place, a quick and powerful search option, folder hierarchy, tagging options and document previews are some of the many features that will help you stay organized.  DSU Technology offers a wide variety of products and services, to fit the needs of our customers. Whether your company’s goal is to improve storage, streamline workflows, or go completely paperless, DSU is here to help.

Save Time, Money, and Frustration

With Document Management

Employees can store and retrieve files quickly and easily, and lost files are virtually eliminated.  Digitized documents are able to be backed up much more securely and recovered better than paper documents when a disaster happens, and by using digitized instead of print documents, organizations can save money on copier paper and toner, and reduce wear and tear on copy machines.

Work Smarter

Not Harder

You always have the option of working hard or working smart. Document management is for those who choose the latter. It offers you instant search and retrieval, multi-user security, automatic e-mail and attachment storage option and mobile accessibility which ensures you stay updated on the fly.

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