Functionality, Meet Flexibility

With powerful business process management tools, Laserfiche integrates seamlessly with the applications employees use every day. It empowers you to manage all organizational content – both structured and unstructured – throughout its life cycle, so you enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and minimize overhead.

Laserfiche’s workflow engine also gives you a platform to map, model, and manage your business processes. With reporting features built right in, you can quickly uncover and eliminate bottlenecks within your business processes.

·       Streamline operations by automating manual, repetitive processes.

·       Ensure that information is an asset that is consistent, reliable, useful, and available.

·       Facilitate compliance with failsafe security and auditing features.

·       Improve visibility into your business processes with easy-to-understand reporting.

·       Model, execute, and manage business processes without writing code.

·       Kick-off business processes directly from the Laserfiche Client, Laserfiche Web Access, or Laserfiche Mobile.

·       Trigger workflows based on actions taken in third-party applications like CRM, GIS, ERP, and more.

Easy to Design, Configure, and Extend

More than just simple workflow automation, Laserfiche Workflow builds on the capabilities of Microsoft .NET to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, business rules, and data. Built-in activities help you build workflows quickly, while extensible rules and a built-in script editor support custom C# and VB.NET scripting. A graphical Workflow Designer enables you to create workflows by flowcharting your business processes with an intuitive interface for testing, modifying, and supporting workflow activities. Laserfiche Workflow builds on the capabilities of Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) so you can extend its functionality to all your line-of-business applications.