Simplify Complex Processes

Laserfiche Workflow

is a flexible, easy-to-use tool for automating and optimizing business processes company-wide. A fully integrated component of both Laserfiche Rio and Laserfiche Avante, Laserfiche Workflow enables you to map, model, and manage your business processes to efficiently achieve your goals. With its ability to integrate with a wide variety of enterprise applications, Laserfiche Workflow can be used to run repeatable processes in a consistent manner across the organization, optimizing resource efficiency, cost, and service delivery.

·       Create workflows with an intuitive, graphical design tool that provides a top-down process map, a toolbox of built-in activities, and wizard-driven configuration.

·       New business process functionality in Laserfiche Workflow allows you to:

o   Start workflows on a document from the Laserfiche Client or Laserfiche Web Access.

o   Report on customizable steps in that workflow’s progress.

o   Alert and direct users regarding their responsibilities for completing business process tasks.

o   Improve visibility with Laserfiche Workflow instance details that provide information – including new charts, statistics, and data – about specific times a workflow ran.

·       More than 75 built-in activities simplify third-party integration, offer easy customization, and enhance administrative control.

·       Design custom actions with an embedded script editor supporting C# or VB.NET.

·       Troubleshoot, optimize, and report on system processes with an included search and reporting interface.

Laserfiche Workflow enables you to translate even the most complex processes into a series of precise steps, each involving the users and activities you specify. You can start workflows in a variety of ways and configure the system to perform a number of activities on a document as part of the workflow process, from moving it to a new location to changing its security access to applying updated metadata from a third-party database.

Extend business process management to the point of capture: Our innovative Capture Workflow approach enables you to design a capture strategy that is more efficient, requires less oversight, and makes information immediately accessible and auditable, regardless of where it is in the capture process.

Simplify enterprise integration: Support enterprise-level integration strategies by automating the process of retrieving and updating information from third-party databases.

Enable easy interaction with Laserfiche documents, folders, and forms: Laserfiche action activities, routing activities, and Laserfiche Forms activities enable users to populate fields, retrieve content from Laserfiche Forms, change metadata, route information, and more.

Integrate existing PDF forms with Workflow: PDF form activities allow you to automatically import PDF forms into Laserfiche, retrieve information from PDF fields, and map them to Laserfiche fields, adding immediate value to the product suite.

Easily share data: The Replicate Entries activity automatically copies Laserfiche entries from one repository to another using Laserfiche briefcases.

Apply digital signatures: Digital signature activities enable you to apply trustworthy digital signatures to a document as well as delete and retrieve information about them.

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