The Power of Laserfiche Workflow

Increase Visibility into Business Processes

Laserfiche includes a new feature called “business processes.” Business processes are enhanced workflows that can be launched directly from the Laserfiche Client, Laserfiche Workflow, or Laserfiche Web Access and offer increased monitoring and reporting. They also offer improved transparency by providing participants with customized instructions for the actions they need to take at any stage in the process. As the business process progresses, you can track who the business process is awaiting, and you can collect statistics on how long it takes for each participant to complete his/her tasks. Additionally, Laserfiche Workflow can automatically notify participants (based on their roles) of any pending or overdue work they need to complete for the business process to continue as well as the resolution of completed steps.

·       Define how the business process will appear, if at all, in Laserfiche client applications.

·       Specify which users have rights to view and start the business process and what conditions must be met before those users will be allowed to start it in Laserfiche client applications.

·       Define and report on an individual step in a business process.

·       Update participants involved in a business process step activity while the step is running.

·       Search for business processes by a variety of criteria and view information (such as step duration charts, resolution information, participant details, etc.) about a specific time a workflow ran.

Minimize IT Support

Laserfiche Workflow is just as easy to deploy and maintain as it is to use. Laserfiche Workflow’s architecture helps you design a system that both fits your existing IT infrastructure and optimizes system performance. To promote greater visibility, Laserfiche Workflow includes reporting functionality so that you can quickly determine which workflows are running and where a particular item is located in a workflow. Reporting tools provide information about your workflows, including the average time it took them to run, in a table or chart.

The Workflow Administration Console supplies advanced performance options to ensure that Laserfiche Workflow takes full advantage of your system’s resources and allows you to send e-mail notifications to users who have pending or overdue business process tasks. In this way, Laserfiche Workflow not only helps you automate business processes but also makes them more transparent, giving you a single location from which to monitor your organization’s operations.

A separate Windows service, known as the Workflow Subscriber, monitors the Laserfiche repository and notifies the Workflow Server when specified events occur. To make the best use of your current hardware, you have the option of installing the Workflow Server and Workflow Subscriber on either the same or different machines.

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