Extract Value From Your Information

Put the actionable information that’s locked away in paper forms, faxes, electronic databases, legacy systems, and software applications to work for you.

With Laserfiche Quick Fields, you accelerate the flow of useful information in business operations, reducing labor costs and eliminating errors associated with manual data entry – while empowering staff to use their time more productively.

The result? You make information available faster, increase your return on investment, and conserve resources by eliminating manual document processing.

Cut-down on Costly Manual Scanning and Indexing

Even with a document management system, data entry and filing can still be expensive. Manually sorting paper and electronic documents for processing, then applying metadata and creating folder structures in which to file them, can often require full-time staff dedicated to electronic data entry and filing.

Laserfiche Quick Fields transforms capture and indexing into an efficient process, helping you reclaim time and money for other important activities.

Designed for high-volume environments, Quick Fields’ production-level tools automatically capture precise pieces of information from paper and electronic documents, turning unstructured information into a viable, actionable resource. By improving the speed and accuracy of repetitive manual processes, Quick Fields also helps you conserve staff time and IT resources.

·       Capture: Pull the information you need from paper and electronic documents, faxes, forms, and third-party databases and applications, eliminating information silos.

·       Identify: Categorize and index documents without labor-intensive pre-sorting.

·       Process: Use extracted information to fill-in fields, apply stamps or annotations, or automatically create folder structures and file documents.

·       Review: Review image quality, document content and name, storage location, field data, and tags.

·       Store: Store processed documents in Laserfiche!

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